Mission & History


hyflo-history-1Although the name “HYFLO” may not mean much outside the Fluid Power Industry, it is well known in South African engineering circles and in fact, has become synonymous with hydraulic and pneumatic engineering countrywide.

The foundations of HYFLO – one of the largest privately owned hydraulic engineering concerns in South Africa were laid in 1954 when its founder, Mr Ludwig Schwabe, predicted the vital role hydraulics and pneumatics would play in the future industrial development and advancement of South Africa. Ludwig Schwabe was one of two shareholders of the Diesel Electric Cape Group, an organisation which operated in the automotive industry distributing Bosch Automotive Products, among other things. He persuaded the other shareholder to establish a hydraulic division which concentrated on importing and marketing hydraulic components, hoses and fittings for various applications in the agricultural, fishing and industrial sectors. This division grew from strength to strength and in 1967, it was separated from the Diesel Electric Cape Group and an independent company known as Hytec (Cape) (Pty) Ltd was formed.


hyflo-history-2The promotion of hydraulics and pneumatics in South Africa became Ludwig’s personal challenge and under his guidance, the company soon became a leader in its field of expertise. It became known not only as an importer and stockist of renowned hydraulic products such as BOSCH, WEATHERHEAD, HYDRECO and CHAR-LYNN, to mention a few, but also as a reliable engineering company, capable of designing and executing complex projects in the hydraulic field.

In 1977 Ludwig acquired the entire shareholding of Hytec (Cape) (Pty) Ltd and the company was renamed Hyflo Cape (Pty) Ltd. The company expanded steadily around the country, eventually creating the HYFLO Group, trading as Hyflo Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd. In 1992 Ludwig’s son, Helmut Peter Schwabe took over the reigns as managing director of HYFLO.

hyflo-history-3HYFLO continued to grow and a number of important agencies were added to its range and this range continues to grow.

In addition to a countrywide distributorship network and its Cape Town branch, other branches were established in Johannesburg, Bellville, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Boksburg, Windhoek and St Helena Bay. The majority of the premises from which the branches operate are owned by an associate company.

Broadly speaking, HYFLO’s areas of business can be summarized as follows:

  • The sale of hydraulic and pneumatic components, i.e. pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, hoses, hydraulic pipes and fittings;
  • Design, production and sales of complete hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including powerpacks and other equipment, where detailed planning, advice and service is required;
  • Installation, commissioning and after-sales service of the above systems and applications;
  • Spares and repair services for all equipment sold and manufactured by HYFLO Group;
  • Manifold Manufacturing

hyflo-history-4The great number of diversified projects that HYFLO has been and is involved in, bears witness to the important role HYFLO plays in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics in South Africa.

HYFLO has now firmly established a diverse customer base distributed across Southern Africa. In addition, HYFLO is increasingly supplying systems to clientele from across the globe.

Quality has always been of prominent importance to the HYFLO Group and this is evident in the Product ranges that it represents. In 1998/1999 HYFLO was certified to the ISO 9001/9002 Quality Management System, which expects all employees to follow the laid down procedures and work instructions. HYFLO is audited annually and re-certified every 3 years

HYFLO’s contribution is manifold. On the one hand it offers the South African industry a direct link to world class technology, as found in Europe, the USA and Japan. On the other hand as a South African organisation, HYFLO develops and adapts hydraulic and pneumatic systems that comply with and satisfy requirements unique to the South African environment. HYFLO is large enough to take projects of any size, but small enough to be flexible. HYFLO is geared for and committed to challenges that lie ahead.

Renowned for a large stockholding of quality products, unequivocal engineering expertise and excellent service, HYFLO continues to experience consistent growth within local and international markets as a leader in the Fluid Power Industry.