The HYFLO Career

The HYFLO Career

What is Fluid Power?

Fluid Power is the invisible technology that is everywhere and is one of only three basic ways of transmitting and controlling power. Fluid power transmits and controls power through a pressurised fluid. That fluid can be either air, resulting in pneumatic pressure, or a liquid, resulting in hydraulic pressure. Fluid power has many unique advantages which make it the most suitable, and sometimes the only, choice for powering and controlling machinery and equipment on land, sea and air.

Who we are?

Hyflo Southern Africa is a leading supplier in manufacturing, designing, supply and repairs of systems/products to the Fluid Power Industry on the African continent, as well as servicing clients globally. Our aim is to continue supplying high quality service and products, retain our reputation for a large and varied stockholding, employ and retain quality talent, provide excellent service to clients and each other, and continue innovating sophisticated engineering systems that add value.

HYFLO was established in 1954 by Ludwig Schwabe, a visionary leader in the Fluid Power Industry, focused on the promotion of hydraulics and pneumatics in Southern Africa. In 1992 Ludwig’s son, Helmut Peter Schwabe took over the reigns as managing director of HYFLO.

Since our inception, HYFLO has grown from strength to strength and is now a vital member of the Fluid Power Industry in Southern Africa and the Global sector. We have 8 branches distributed across Southern Africa including, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bellville, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Durban, Windhoek and Vredenburg.

Our services include:

  • Distributing over 16 000 hydraulic, pneumatic and hose and fittings components sourced from leading manufacturers across the globe
  • Design complete hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Manufacture, install and commission systems
  • Manifold manufacturing
  • Service and repairs

The industries we serve include; manufacturing, mining, industrial, agricultural, fishing and marine industries.

As part of the HYFLO team, you are guaranteed to grow and develop, working amongst a group of high achievers within an environment where a very low staff turnover ensures that you develop life-long valuable working relationships and achieve your career vision.

Why work for HYFLO?

At HYFLO we create lasting relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers. We are serious about quality and are renowned in the Fluid Power Industry for our vast product range, stockholding and engineering capabilities.

The Fluid Power Industry is an exciting place to be, attracting the very brightest and most innovative specialist talent. As part of our team you are encouraged to expand and develop your skills.

HYFLO ultimately assures growth and development potential for achievers within a stable and financially secure organisation by offering:

  • An active internal recruitment policy
  • Modern environment with state of the art equipment and software
  • Extensive training

In addition, within Hyflo’s diverse and challenging environment, our internal culture of idea generation, using one’s initiative and teamwork, promotes continued excellence and innovation, all of which contribute to making HYFLO the Employer of Choice within the Fluid Power Industry.

Our Engineering Department offers the following:

  • Innovative systems engineering
  • Vast product range when selecting equipment for designed systems
  • Prototyping
  • Potential for international travel
  • Liaison with customers and suppliers directly
  • Exposure to various facets of engineering, FEA’s, testing etc
  • Working with experienced engineers
  • Completing numerous fluid power calculations when designing systems
  • Completing the layout designs of hydraulic systems in 3D
  • Involvement in research and development (mining equipment, off-shore, oil and gas industry, manufacturing, etc.)

Our Workshop offers the following:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Exposure to international clients
  • Potential for International travel completing installations and commissioning projects
  • Advanced test facility’s for the testing of all types of hydraulic equipment
  • Exposure to small to large powerpack manufacture using non-welded piping technology
  • Cylinder manufacture, repairs and testing
  • Manufacture of hose assemblies
  • Repair and testing of accumulators and various types of pressure vessels
  • Manifold manufacturing

Our Stores Department offers the following:

  • Receiving and dispatching divisions
  • Continuously growing stores complement
  • Extremely high level of housekeeping
  • Interact with sales, workshop and project departments primarily (warehouse is integral to operations throughout business)
  • Exposure to both warehousing and distribution
  • Exposure to inventory control and analysis (managing stock levels)
  • Management of over 16 000 varied components
  • Valued and professional department within organisation

Our Purchasing Department offers the following:

  • Exercise an eye for detail and analytical abilities
  • Exposure to international/local sourcing and purchasing
  • Working with many different currencies, exchange rate variances and making informed purchasing decisions by keeping a close eye on metal/oil prices
  • Exposure to logistics (road, sea and air-freight) as well as custom’s requirements, clearing of cargo (import and export)
  • Liaison with varied company departments, suppliers and clients
  • Exercise your technical product knowledge and high level pricing expertise

Our sales department offers the following:

  • Sales of hose, fittings, pneumatic and hydraulic components
  • Internal and external sales representative teams
  • Liaison with varied departments within Hyflo
  • Vast lucrative areas allocated to representatives
  • Well established client base
  • System based catalogues and extensive catalogue libraries
  • High quality, vast and well marketed product range (reputable international manufacturers)
  • Incentives (in addition to market related salary and benefits)

Our administration department offers the following:

  • Creditors, Debtors, Finance and Payroll/HR Divisions
  • Work in a controlled deadline driven environment.
  • Well organized, friendly atmosphere – pressurised at times
  • Broad accounting functions – deal with vast accounting transactions
  • Exposure to foreign and local transactions
  • Compliant with ISO 9001 – highly structured processes
  • In-house designed accounting system utilised – Nutrix
  • Payroll package utilized – Accsys
  • Exposure to branch accounting – experience gained in handling branch affairs

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