hyflo-engineering-innovation-gs-hydro-piping-without-weldingIn order to stay abreast with the latest technological advances in the industry, Hyflo says it is always on the lookout for technological breakthroughs that will benefit the company and its clients. It has therefore included in its great number of sole agencies the company GS-Hydro.

GS-Hydro is a world leader in non-welded piping technologies and is a global supplier of complete, non-welded piping solutions with operations in more than 25 countries. It was founded in Finland in 1974 and was a natural choice for Hyflo to bring to the South African market, Hyflo says.

GS-Hydro’s technology for connecting pipes is based on flanges and pipe-end preparation machines, designed and developed by themselves. It manufactures a wide range of flanges which are used to create extremely robust joints which can withstand the high pressures encountered in hydraulic and other high pressure piping applications.

Due to only high quality seamless piping being used for the GS-Hydro systems, bending of all the piping is also carried out using specialised pipe benders and no welding is required for tight 90° bends – even large bore piping up to 600mm. Thanks to the absence of welding the GS-Hydro Piping System is inherently clean as well as flexible, fast and easy to install. The system is environmentally friendly, as there is no need for chemical cleaning and thus there will also not be any hazardous waste to dispose of. The technology therefore offers a higher quality and overall more cost-efficient alternative to welded piping systems, Hyflo claims.

In order to make these systems available in South Africa, Hyflo has invested in the equipment necessary to carry out these piping installations. Hyflo is also capable of total piping system delivery which covers everything from engineering, a complete delivery of all materials and components, prefabrication, to onsite services including: installation, flushing, testing, start-up and commissioning.

The piping component and accesories includes all necessary parts of a complete piping system: pipes and tubes, valves, fittings, connectors, flanges, clamps, hoses etc. Hyflo will also provide a complete documentation package. The documentation covers installation and assembly manuals, all necessary test reports and material certificates as well as approvals from various classification authorities.

Hyflo as well as GS Hydro carry the ISO 9001:2008 quality system approval and has type approval for all major third party inspection authorities.

Hyflo says the system will be of benefit to its ever growing client base as this piping solution will cut traditional piping costs and reduce installation time dramatically. A further benefit is that no hot-work is used and therefore no gas-freeing is required and pickling and passivating is also not required. These piping systems can also be used in most other non-hydraulic high or low pressure systems where welded installations pose a problem.