Hydraulic & Pneumatic Workshop

Test benches (cylinders and general)
  • Our test benches cater for the testing of all the hydraulic equipment which is encountered in the field. This gives us the ability to efficiently ascertain the condition of the equipment. All repaired components are tested prior to leaving our premises.


Powerpack assembly
  • Small to large powerpack manufacture
  • Built to classification society rules, if required
  • Piping using leak free connections
  • Containerised powerpacks for marine use

hyflo-facilities-workshops-powerpack-assembly-1 hyflo-facilities-workshops-powerpack-assembly-2 hyflo-facilities-workshops-powerpack-assembly-3
hyflo-facilities-workshops-powerpack-assembly-4 hyflo-facilities-workshops-powerpack-assembly-5 hyflo-facilities-workshops-powerpack-assembly-6
hyflo-facilities-workshops-powerpack-assembly-7 hyflo-facilities-workshops-powerpack-assembly-8 hyflo-facilities-workshops-powerpack-assembly-9

Pipe and fittings
  • GS Hydro (non-welded technology)
  • Mandrel bending up to 90mm diameter
  • Metric and imperial piping
  • High and low pressure piping
  • Steel and stainless steel piping
  • VossForm (non-welded technology)

hyflo-facilities-workshops-pipe-and-fittings-1 hyflo-facilities-workshops-pipe-and-fittings-2 hyflo-facilities-workshops-pipe-and-fittings-3

Cylinder manufacture, repairs and testing in our CT facility
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder repairs
  • Manufacture standard and customised SMC cylinders
  • Customised pneumatic cylinders manufactured with short delivery times
  • Manufacture of cylinder spares (e.g. shafts, barrels, etc.), non-standard stroke cylinders and cylinders for specialised applications
  • Pressure testing.

hyflo-facilities-workshops-cylinder-manufacture-1 hyflo-facilities-workshops-cylinder-manufacture-2

Hose and fittings
  • Complete range of hose and fittings for various liquids.
  • Manufacture of hose assembly’s in the field or at our premises.
  • Pressure testing of hose assembly’s, if required.
  • Certification of hose assembly’s by 3rd party if required.

HYFLO has invested in machines that improve the quality of the assembly, i.e. (skiving machine, hose crimping machine, test facilities and auto-insert machine). Ultimately a machine process vs human process is far more accurate. We aim to ensure that the quality of our hose assemblies is of the highest standards.

hyflo-facilities-workshops-hose-and-fittings-1 hyflo-facilities-workshops-hose-and-fittings-2 hyflo-facilities-workshops-hose-and-fittings-3

Pressure vesselshyflo-facilities-workshops-pressure-vessels-1
  • Repair and testing of accumulators and various other types of pressure vessels.
  • In house Competent Persons for the certification of the accumulators or pressure vessels.


Mobile Workshop Cape Town and Bellville office

We have fully equipped mobile workshops that assist with projects that require on-site service. The mobile workshop has all required parts and equipment for completing installations, hose assemblies and in some cases repairs.

Manifold Manufacturing

hyflo-facilities-workshops-manifold-manufactoring-1HYFLO has invested more than R5-million on new machinery, including a Mazak computer numerical control (CNC) machine from Japan, in order to mass produce hydraulic manifolds for the local hydraulics market.

All the tooling for the CNC machine, a dedicated uninterrupted power supply system, a tool profile measuring computer, and craneage were also bought. The new machine enables the company to manufacture repetitive manifolds, in addition to the company’s current capabilities, which enable HYFLO to manufacture manifolds of up to 3 t.

hyflo-facilities-workshops-manifold-manufactoring-2HYFLO has invested in two alternating tombstones, meaning that with the correct programming, the CNC machine can drill up to 40 manifolds in one session without having to unbolt or change any settings.

Before the machine can be programmed, the company’s design team designs the manifolds, first in a two-dimensional circuit drawing designed to the customer’s specifications and then as a three-dimensional computer graphic. Coordinates from the three-dimensional computer graphic are programmed into the Mazak machine, including the tools that must be used to machine each cavity.

hyflo-facilities-workshops-manifold-manufactoring-3HYFLO manufactures manifolds using imported cast iron with full material certification. The company also uses local and imported aluminium. HYFLO has also invested in a tool profile measuring computer. This checks tools by taking photographs of the cutting edges of the tool from every angle while spinning the tool through 360°. It then determines whether a tool is worn or has been chipped.

The company also recently built dedicated deburring and cleaning stations specifically to clean the manifolds.