HYFLO has a unique understanding of the defence industry requirements, where quality control is non-negotiable and continues to move forward into the demanding military market, providing specialised hydraulic power units for naval vessels around the world. HYFLO’s custom-designed hydraulic power units are built specifically to operate in the rigorous conditions the naval industry demands. Custom power packs are built to 3rd party classifications societies, such as LRS, ABS, GL, etc. Our units are designed to adhere to strict military specifications for shock, vibration and noise.

HYFLO uses advanced technology to design, manufacture, install and commission complete custom naval hydraulic and pneumatic systems at HYFLO’s two major facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town, both of which are equipped with the latest computer hardware and CAD software.

Using HYFLO’s ISO 9001 structures, all designs and calculations of HYFLO’s custom naval hydraulic and pneumatic systems are reviewed internally to ensure that the customer’s specifications and requirements are fully met. Custom naval hydraulic and pneumatic systems are manufactured and assembled by experienced artisans in HYFLO’s well-equipped workshops.

HPU -Wartsila CT10