Recent projects undertaken by Hyflo Southern Africa include:

An emergency pipeline repair system (EPRS) which is used to fulfil a contingency response strategy in the event of the 15OO km subsea pipelines needing to be repaired or replaced. The subsea pipelines are used to transport natural gas and crude oil between numerous productions and processing platforms/facilities around Qatar.


Supply and commissioning of the hydraulic drive and control for a 430kN active heave compensation winch. The winch will be used to launch and recover a sub-sea dredger from a sea going vessel to the ocean floor. In order to safely position and recover the dredger the winch would need to compensate for wave motion.


Hyflo, Cape Town Branch was approached to design, manufacture, supply and commission the hydraulic system for the linear winch with a maximum pulling capacity of 3000kN for the submarine shore pull.