Diamond Mining

hyflo-industries-marine-diamond-miningDiamond Mining is a truly specialised industry with very specific needs. Diamond mining and related technology was perfected in South Africa. HYFLO has proudly played an integral part in the research and development in the art of effective diamond mining in South Africa to date. With 25 years experience servicing the diamond mining industry, HYFLO is in the perfect position to assist organisations throughout Africa and globally with proven reliable solutions. Our service teams know exactly what to do and when, and are able to complete quality work in timeframes allocated, which is proven in our past and present performance.

Examples of Projects include:

  • Repairs, servicing/maintenance of various hydraulic /pneumatic systems which are used in the mining process
  • Hydraulic systems for Launch and Recovery, Diving Systems
  • Hydraulic systems for Launch and Recovery of various mining tools
  • Process Plant Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Anchor handling hydraulic and Pneumatic systems