hyflo-industries-marine-fishingHYFLO understands and values the vital needs of the Fishing Industry and we commit to providing you with product and service excellence that minimises downtime and ensures your safety. Each and every time we step into your world you can be guaranteed a serious service for a serious industry. Think no further than HYFLO for marine experience, delivery and innovation – committed to playing a valued part of the Fishing Industry.

The services we provide to the fishing industry include, design, manufacture and installation, repairs/maintenance to hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, building new systems or refurbishing systems for fishing vessels.

We are able to conduct planned annual maintenance as per service agreements, if required.

How we keep you at sea?

  • Serviced by a team of experienced marine fitters
  • An excellent understanding of the Fishing Industry needs
  • Keeping downtime to a minimum
  • Outstanding response times
  • Extensive stock range
  • Durable products suited to the marine environment
  • Stringent quality service levels
  • Deck machinery that is in a safe condition for operators

Examples of Projects include:

  • Factory deck installation
  • Deck machinery
  • Fishing gear