HYFLO manufactures complete hydraulic systems, powerpacks, manifold blocks and pneumatic cylinders.
Manifold Blocks are manufacturing at our Johannesburg facility and is fast becoming one of HYFLO’s key product offerings.

A manifold is basically a steel or aluminium distribution block with various valves on it and / or in it that can be used to control a system. Some are just simple distribution blocks but we have made manifolds of up to 1.3 tons.

We currently have the capability to manufacture the largest manifolds in the country. We have bought a CNC machine – for high speed repetitive work – to help us to service the high volume markets.
The combination of the Hydroman design software and the CNC machine guarantees excellent quality standards.

Powerpacks, both small and large (including containerised powerpacks for marine use), are manufactured to classification society rules, if required (LRS, GL, ABS, DNV etc.). Powerpacks are designed utilising state of the art technology. Leak free connections are utilised in all piping.

We add value to our clients by designing and manufacturing customised powerpacks to your unique specifications that put the power behind your applications.

Hydraulic systems manufactured for basic end-users to complex systems in various industries.

hyflo-manufactoring-pneumatic-cylinder-manufacture-3Pneumatic SMC Cylinders, are manufactured locally under license from SMC Japan. We are able to manufacture any size you require within the range. By manufacturing locally we are able to reduce delivery times substantially.

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