Our cylinder department has the capability to design and manufacture hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to suit customer specifications.

Our extensive DESIGN capabilities consist of:

  • Large team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced engineers and draughts persons
  • World-class design facilities
  • State of the Art CAD Stations ensures maximum design efficiency and compact designs
  • Exceptional quality seals are selected for each application using a cost and timesaving approach
  • Complete services from initial designs to completion of design manuals
  • 3D Technologies, CNC methods and CAM software allow efficient and timeous construction of high quality hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
  • Our ISO quality system ensure a perfect product every time
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders can be designed according to classification society rules and specifications (For e.g. DNV, GL, ABS and Lloyds Register rules and specifications)
  • Hyflo hydraulic cylinders are pressure tested before leaving the facility, ensuring a functional quality product
  • Multi-faceted design approach in all aspects of engineering
  • Hyflo’s extensive product range allows hydraulic cylinders for various applications and environments, as well as industries such as offshore, marine, industrial, agricultural etc.
  • 50 Years overall experience in systems engineering
  • Large on-hand stockholding ensures no delays

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Hyflo manufactures the Parker P1D-B pneumatic cylinder series. This cylinder series is interchangeable with any ISO 15552 double acting cylinder. The P1D-B standard series includes pneumatic cushioning for positioning purposes. We are also able to manufacture standard as well as customised cylinders, including ‘Drop in’ position sensors which can be easily installed on these cylinders. A wide range of mountings are also available on request. By manufacturing locally we are able to reduce delivery times substantially. We also manufacture cylinder spares (e.g. shafts, barrels, etc.), non-standard stroke cylinders and cylinders for specialised applications. Our extensive range of pressure testing equipment caters for the testing of all manufactured pneumatic cylinders.

Our MANUFACTURING capabilities consist of:20151119_121015

  •   Large team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced technicians and artisans.
  •   Haas CNC Milling (VF2) machine
  •   Mazak quick turn 100 CNC lathe
  •   Tungsten tip cut-off saw with digital read out
  •   300mm Band saw
  •   Dalian conventional lathe.
  •   Each hydraulic cylinder manufactured by Hyflo is supplied with a unique serial number ensuring full traceability