Tough Hose for the Tough Job

When you are looking for Tough Cover (TC) hose that is highly abrasion resistant, Hyflo has just the right hose for you. These hoses are MSHA-approved with outstanding build quality. Hyflo makes it easier for our customers, from various industries, to select the best hose suitable for what they need.

In many applications, the TC hose can eliminate the need for Spiral Guard and result in a significant labor saving of installation.

471TC: This 2-wire braided hydraulic hose is engineered to handle medium pressure applications with a working pressure ranging from 175Bar to a maximum working pressure of 400Bar. A reduced minimum bend radius is required which equates to a hassle-free installation and less hose usage.

701TC: Suitable for temporary immersion in mineral oil up to 70°C with frequent inspection. It is reinforced with 4 high tensile steel wires and has a no-skive hose instruction.

731TC: This multispiral hose is reinforced with 4 high tensile steel wires and is primarily used for high pressure hydraulic applications.

797TC: (Exceeds R15 standards) Used for petroleum base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils and is reinforced with 4 or 6 spiral steel wires. It has a lighter weight with high flexibility, and offers a constant working pressure of 420Bar across all sizes.

Bold markings on the hose covers make it simple to identify. Hyflo offers these hoses in sizes ranging from -04 (¼”) to -32 (2”) catering to various working pressures.

Make the right call today and contact Hyflo to assist you in obtaining the right hose for you!


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